Who we are

Global Canopy is an innovative environmental organisation that targets the market forces destroying tropical forests. Our mission is to accelerate progress towards a deforestation-free global economy - through improved transparency, innovative finance and strategic communications.  Since 2001, we have catalysed new thinking and action by leading governments, companies and investors worldwide.

Demonstration of Global Canopy's capabilities to target and engage with key stakeholders can be seen with the pioneering initiatives laid out below.

  • High-level policymakers in forest and market countries, through our extensive work on REDD+and at the UNFCCC, including the REDD Desk knowledge sharing platform. Our Unlocking Forest Finance and Amazonia Security Agenda projects work closely with forest partner governments to provide technical assistance in enabling their transition to a green economy that balances social, environmental and economic benefits.
  • Global businesses exposed to forest risk commodities, through our Forest 500 transparency and accountability platform and strategic partnership with CDP Forests (originally GCP’s Footprint Disclosure Project). Forest 500 assesses, tracks and publically ranks the 250 corporate powerbrokers that can address tropical deforestation. Working closely with CDP Forests, who engage 162 corporations valued at US $3.2 trillion to disclose their ‘forest footprint’ annually, GCP supports companies to adopt and implement policies towards zero-deforestation.
  • Trase is a powerful new sustainability platform that enables governments, companies, investors and others to better understand and address the environmental and social impacts linked to their supply chains. The platform was launched at CoP22 in Marrakech. Its pioneering approach draws on vast sets of production, trade and customs data, for the first time laying bare the flows of globally-traded commodities - such as palm oil, soya, beef and timber - at scale. Trase is a direct response to the ambitious commitments made by leaders across sectors to achieve deforestation-free supply chains by 2020 - and the urgent need this creates for a breakthrough in assessing and monitoring sustainability performance.
  • Financial institutions that have committed to understand and account for their impacts and dependencies on tropical forests and other natural capital through their investments and lending, as part of the Natural Capital Declaration, a joint initiative with UNEP Finance Initiative. 40+ CEOs of banks, investors and insurance institutions are signatories and are working with GCP and UNEP FI towards meeting their commitments on understanding and accounting for natural capital considerations.