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  • Trase

    Trase - Transparency for Sustainable Economies

    Trase is a powerful new sustainability platform that enables governments, companies, investors and others to better understand and address the environmental and social impacts linked to their supply chains. The platform was launched at CoP22 in Marrakech. Its pioneering approach draws on vast sets of production, trade and customs data, for the first time laying bare the flows of globally-traded commodities - such as palm oil, soya, beef and timber - at scale.

  • The REDD Desk

    The REDD Desk

    The REDD Desk is the largest collaborative resource for REDD+ information, news and analysis on the web. In partnership with our global network the REDD desk works to meet the needs of diverse stakeholders by centralising and clarifying complex information related to REDD+

  • Natural Capital Finance Alliance

    Natural Capital Finance Alliance

    The Natural Capital Finance Alliance (NCFA) is a global finance-led initiative co-convened by the Global Canopy Programme (GCP) and UNEP Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) to integrate natural capital considerations into financial products and services, and to work towards their inclusion in financial accounting, disclosure and reporting. The Natural Capital Declaration (NCD) of the NCFA has been signed by the CEOs of 43 financial institutions and is supported by 38 non-financial organisations.

  • Forest Compass Logo

    Forest Compass

    The Forest COMPASS website brings together case studies, resources and analysis on community based forest monitoring.

  • Forest 500

    Forest 500

    The Forest 500 for the first time identifies, ranks, and tracks the governments, companies and financial institutions worldwide that together could virtually eradicate tropical deforestation.The ranking and analysis will be repeated annually until 2020, to help inform, enable and track progress towards this urgent global deforestation free goal.

  • UFF logo

    Financing Sustainable Landscapes

    A practical guide to designing, implementing and financing a ‘sustainable landscape initiative’. These initiatives take a landscape wide approach, optimising land use to balance the needs of agriculture, conservation and sustainable livelihoods. The website includes detailed methodologies, analysis and practical examples from three pioneering projects in Brazil and Peru.