Introducing Trase - Towards radical transparency for a deforestation-free economy

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Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and Global Canopy Programme (GCP) in collaboration with Vizzuality and the European Forests Institute

With support from:  The European Union, Sida, Formas, the Swedish Research Council, UK Aid, The Nature Conservancy, and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Transparency for Sustainable Economies

Trase is a powerful new online information and decision-support platform for improving the sustainability of international agricultural commodity supply chains. The platform, based on a new approach to map agricultural supply chains at scale, is being developed by a consortium of partners led by the Stockholm Environment Institute and the Global Canopy Programme.

The vision of the platform is inspired by the 2020 targets for removing deforestation from international agricultural commodity supply chains that has received growing support from leading companies and governments worldwide. The platform offers a powerful response to the growing and urgent need for credible information on the traceability and sustainability performance of commodity supply chains at scale, covering entire countries and sectors of the economy. Within the next five years to 2021 the Trase platform seeks to establish itself as the leading developer of an information and decision support supply chain transparency platform.

This launch event will showcase the capabilities and potential impact of the platform and invite reflections on its application and strategic development from key stakeholders working on major deforestation-risk commodities. We will showcase the potential of Trase through a focus on Latin American soy, showing how this approach can radically improve our understanding of how traders, buyers and consumers of soy are linked, directly or indirectly, to deforestation and other impacts associated with soy producing regions. We will show how this information can be used by different actors to reduce such impacts and support a transition towards deforestation free supply chains.


Launch of Trase - Transparency for Sustainable Economies: harnessing radical transparency for supply chain sustainability

17:30: Javier Godar, Stockholm Environment Institute  and Niki Mardas, Global Canopy Programme

Reflections on potential applications of Trase

17:40: Nigel Sizer, President, Rainforest Alliance

17:50: Tasso Azevedo, Coordinator of Observatorio de Clima and MapBiomas

18:00: Corporate and Financial Institution perspective

18:20 Moderated audience discussion

18:40 Cocktails 

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