Investing in Tropical Landscapes at the US$ Billion scale: how can governments and investors contribute to meeting NDCs and SDGs through land use commitments? The case study of San Martin as a scalable model for other countries

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As world leaders come together to ratify the agreements made last December in Paris, COP 22 in Morocco provides the ideal platform to focus on the detail of how countries’ NDC and SDG commitments will ultimately be financed and implemented.

To date, there have been various pledges and announcements from DFIs and donor governments allocating funding for lower income countries to develop and implement their NDC commitments and transition landscapes to more sustainable, low carbon production. However, it is clear that in order to fund all the commitments made under the Paris Agreement new approaches will need to be developed that can blend large scale billion dollar financing from multiple sources, including the private sector.

About the event

A range of experts will discuss how through the UFF project and other initiatives in the region, significant progress has been made in enabling San Martin, in Peru, to finance a transition to sustainable landscapes. In particular panelists will look at how the recent announcement of a pilot credit line provided by Agrobanco in San Martin can not only help to accelerate this transition but it can also act as a replicable model for other tropical forest jurisdictions trying to address the challenges of financing their NDC’s.

Speakers will also examine the various critical considerations that need to be undertaken when designing an effective transition strategy and appropriate financial framework to implement sustainable production models, restore degraded lands, conserve forests, improve rural livelihoods and reduce carbon emissions. In addition experts will also discuss how Key learnings from the Unlocking Forest Finance project, a consortium of organisations that have been working in San Martin which is supported by the International Climate Initiative (IKI) will showcase how the development of a new innovative credit line will enable smallholders in the region to access competitive rates of finance and comprehensive technical assistance to sustainably transition and scale up production of seven supply chains. Demand for credit loans in San Martin to implement the proposed transition can reach up to USD88 million according to UFF.

Ultimately this event will showcase how approaches being utilised in San Martin and other regions can be replicated in a timely manner in order to deliver on climate change commitments and sustainable development goals in the forest and land-use sector. In this session the online toolkit designed to help other jurisdictions in developing investable portfolios will be launched.


1. Keynotes

2. How to transform NDC’s in the forest and land-use sector from good intentions into investable projects - the case of San Martin, Peru

3. The nuts and bolts of designing and deploying successful sustainable, replicable landscape strategies - lessons learned from San Martin

4. Q&A

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