Our strategy

GCP's new Five Year Strategy (2015 – 2020) focuses on investigating and creating opportunities to reduce deforestation, through four approaches:

  1. Increasing understanding of the business case for standing forests. GCP intends to improve awareness of the social and economic importance of forests among key powerbrokers and wider networks of stakeholders pursuing aligned objectives in this space. We will seek to increase appreciation of how markets impact and depend on forests, and how this entails both risks and opportunities.
  2. Developing greater transparency, accountability, and capacity among the key market actors driving deforestation. GCP will assess and publicly rank performance. We will engage with and guide key governments in countries that process and consume forest risk commodities, including Europe and China, and the most influential companies and financial institutions on the demand-side of the supply chain.
  3. Increasing capacity and investment in the transition to a green economy in key forest jurisdictions.
    Through this approach, we will develop the capacity of key forest jurisdictions to formulate strategies for green economies that balance social, environmental, and economic benefits. We will seek to attract the large-scale finance required, and manage the flow of finance to sustainable and equitable activities on the ground.
  4. Incentivising key market powerbrokers to invest in and procure from partner forest jurisdictions. GCP will catalyse stronger links among key actors, drawing on our partner networks of engaged governments, companies, and financial institutions.