Current projects

Please see below for a list of current and archived projects.

  • Amazonia Security Agenda


    The Amazonia Security Agenda calls for a comprehensive security agenda for Amazonia, one that goes beyond the traditional national security framing and recognizes the centrality of Amazonia’s ecosystems in underpinning water, energy, food security - essential for human wellbeing and the economic prosperity of the region. 

  • Forest COMPASS

    Forest COMPASS aims to scale the adoption and impact of community-based forest monitoring (CBFM) worldwide by acting as a research and resource hub for CBFM, and advocating for its inclusion into REDD+ as an effective, equitable, and sustainable management strategy for national forest plans and policies related to REDD+.

  • Leveraging action on deforestation for water, energy and food security in Indonesia

    This project examines how Indonesia can transition away from its current 'business as usual' development model and achieve its water, energy and food security goals without further deforestation. In doing so, it identifies opportunities and challenges for the necessary coordinated development strategies that recognise and account for the true value of natural resources, their ecosystem services, and the inherent resource trade-offs between sectors.

  • Natural Capital Finance Alliance

    The Natural Capital Finance Alliance (NCFA) seeks to increase awareness of the natural capital risks to which financial institutions expose themselves through loans and investments, and to provide them with tools to assess and negate such risks. It also aims to help institutions recognise the opportunities presented by the transition to a greener economy. It is a joint project of GCP and the UNEP Finance Initiative, and the Natural Capital Declaration (NCD) has been signed by the CEOs of over 40 leading financial institutions.

  • Trase

    Trase is a powerful new sustainability platform that enables governments, companies, investors and others to better understand and address the environmental and social impacts linked to their supply chains. The platform was launched at CoP22 in Marrakech. Its pioneering approach draws on vast sets of production, trade and customs data, for the first time laying bare the flows of globally-traded commodities - such as palm oil, soya, beef and timber - at scale.

  • The REDD Desk

    The REDD Desk is the largest online collaborative resource for REDD+ information, news and analysis. In partnership with our global REDD+ network we aim to meet the needs of diverse stakeholders by centralising information and clarifying complex concepts related to REDD+, which facilitates knowledge sharing, capacity building, and the development of new pathways towards equitable, effective and efficient REDD+ design and implementation.

Archived projects