Amazonia Security Agenda

Amazonia Security Agenda

Amazonia Security Agenda


The Amazonia Security Agenda calls for a comprehensive security agenda for Amazonia, one that goes beyond the traditional national security framing and recognizes the centrality of Amazonia’s ecosystems in underpinning water, energy, food security - essential for human wellbeing and the economic prosperity of the region. 

Water is at the heart of this nexus of securities. By releasing 8 trillion tonnes of water vapour into the atmosphere each year, Amazonia plays a vital role in generating water resources that are paramount for agricultural production, for generating hydroelectricity, for transportation and industry, and for the livelihoods of millions of people. See video

However, demographic shifts, urbanisation, accelerated economic growth and environmental degradation, coupled with climate extremes and climate change, are increasing the pressure on Amazonia’s natural resource base and the capacity of the biome to generate these key ecosystem services, which in turn poses multiple risks for people, governments and industry in the region.

As the demand for Amazonia’s resources increases, governments will need to account for the complex interdependencies between water, energy, and food systems, and recognize and manage resource trade-offs across diverse and competing actors and sectors.

In an effort to inform these needs, GCP has worked closely with governments and regional partners, using a Water-Energy-Food Nexus framework, to:

(1) Evidence the role and importance of the Amazonia for achieving regional waterenergyfood and health security in the context of climate and land-use change;

(2) Assess the coherence of existing development, conservation and climate policy objectives, across national and subnational scales and public-private actors;

(3) Develop policy recommendations to improve natural resource governance in Amazonia.