A powerful new sustainability tool - the launch of Trase

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Trase is a powerful new sustainability platform that enables governments, companies, investors and others to better understand and address the environmental and social impacts linked to their supply chains. The platform was launched at CoP22 in Marrakech.

Its pioneering approach draws on vast sets of production, trade and customs data, for the first time laying bare the flows of globally-traded commodities - such as palm oil, soya, beef and timber - at scale.

Trase is a direct response to the ambitious commitments made by leaders across sectors to achieve deforestation-free supply chains by 2020 - and the urgent need this creates for a breakthrough in assessing and monitoring sustainability performance.

Trase is a partnership between the Stockholm Environment Institute and the Global Canopy Programme. We work closely with Vizzuality, the European Forest Institute and many other partners. Trase was made possible through the generous support of The European Union, The Nature Conservancy, The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, The Swedish Research Council FORMAS and The UK Department for International Development.

Please click on the links below access copies of the full launch report and a shorter summary report.

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