Aceh and the Archipelago Economy: Protecting forests for water, energy and food security

Aceh and the Archipelago Economy
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A series of studies were undertaken in Aceh to explore some the challenges facing the province, as they work towards meeting the goals of the medium-term development plan (RPJMN) without further environmental degradation.  

The first study, which explores links between deforestation and flooding, demonstrates how understanding the interdependencies between the environment, and in particular forest ecosystem services, and the agricultural economy can support effective development planning. The second study uses a WEF nexus approach to assess the feasibility of implementing existing Government rice and palm oil targets and to analyse the potential environmental and economic trade-offs and synergies which would result from their implementation.

The studies highlight the value of a WEF approach in supporting coherent cross-sectoral coordination that is needed to establish plans and targets that are well aligned and do not damage the forest ecosystem services which underpin Aceh’s agricultural economy. 

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