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Finding forests in your supply chain

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Supply chains are coming under increasing scrutiny. Was the beef in your burger sourced from the Amazon, where forest is being cleared to make way for cattle ranches? Was the pork in your sausage fed with soy imported from plantations which are destroying Paraguay’s rich wildlife? Some consumers are starting to ask these questions. And the answers matter.

'Deforestation risk' companies under increasing pressure from investors

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Investors are increasingly pushing some of the world’s biggest companies to commit to reducing their impact on the rainforest, according to new analysis of shareholder resolutions. And many of these resolutions are successful, with more than half (52%) of shareholder requests to address ‘deforestation risk’ in supply chains followed by a company commitment.

Can 2016 be a year of exponential progress on deforestation - especially in the cattle and animal feed sectors?

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It takes an incredible amount of intelligence, creativity, and team-work to produce and extract oil from plants grown in the tropics, transport it around the earth, and transform it into something you can buy for a couple of dollars and squeeze onto a toothbrush as the sun rises in Berlin, Beijing or Boston.