Unlocking Forest Finance

Is the time for landscape bonds now? Experience shows some barriers remain

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Bonds are well known financial instruments for corporations to access large sums of finance. ‘Green bonds’ are a variation designed to finance environmentally focused projects. Ultimately, these instruments could channel the billions of dollars needed to reduce deforestation and encourage sustainable land use.

Reducing deforestation while improving agricultural production: new website presents practical guide to ‘sustainable landscape initiatives’

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Farming is the primary driver of deforestation in many tropical forest regions. Investment in more sustainable forms of agriculture can help reduce this damage to the forest and the associated climate change impacts whilst increasing agricultural production. This can provide a more reliable income for smallholders and helps ensure food security.

New Innovative Credit Line to Fund Sustainable Land-use Transitions in San Martin, Showcases how Peru can Deliver on its Sustainable Development and Climate Change Commitments in the Land-use and Forest Sector

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Agrobanco and CEDISA working in partnership with the Global Canopy Programme sign a Memorandum of Understanding to develop a new credit line of up to USD 88 million to finance the sustainable transition of seven supply chains across San Martin, Peru, in order to reduce deforestation and improve livelihoods.