New tool maps Indonesian palm oil traders and importers

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New data tracking palm oil exports from Indonesian ports is now available on Trase, an online platform providing supply chain transparency for key agricultural commodities [1].

The new data is the latest development for the Trase platform, kick-starting a new area of work on palm oil in Indonesia, following the release of data on soy and cattle in Latin America.

Finding forests in your supply chain

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Supply chains are coming under increasing scrutiny. Was the beef in your burger sourced from the Amazon, where forest is being cleared to make way for cattle ranches? Was the pork in your sausage fed with soy imported from plantations which are destroying Paraguay’s rich wildlife? Some consumers are starting to ask these questions. And the answers matter.

'Deforestation risk' companies under increasing pressure from investors

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Investors are increasingly pushing some of the world’s biggest companies to commit to reducing their impact on the rainforest, according to new analysis of shareholder resolutions. And many of these resolutions are successful, with more than half (52%) of shareholder requests to address ‘deforestation risk’ in supply chains followed by a company commitment.

Major upgrade of transparency platform to map sustainability risks and opportunities in supply chains

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Soy supply chains in Brazil and Paraguay have been mapped at an unprecedented scale in a new version of the pioneering Trase platform, which lays bare the deforestation and other risks associated with the production of these commodities, as well as opportunities for sustainable investment. The new release of the platform will be unveiled on the sidelines of the Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 General Assembly on 20 March in Brasilia.

New report from GCP and CDP shows progress from Consumer Goods Forum members towards removing deforestation from supply chains

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New report from the Global Canopy Programme and CDP concludes that Consumer Goods Forum members outperform non-members on moving towards zero deforestation. However, further action across commodities is required to realise the CGF’s collective commitment to transition to deforestation-free supply chains by 2020.