Who governs us

The Global Canopy Programme's Board of Trustees include individuals with a significant amount of experience across a diverse range of industries, sectors and geographies. We are looking to expand our Board gradually over the next two years - please see the Trustee terms of reference if you would be interested in joining us!

Board of Trustees

Edward is a Managing Partner of Oxford Capital Partners LLP, an investment group which he co-founded in 1999 specialised in sustainability investments. The firm delivers private equity growth capital programmes internationally to wealthy families and institutional investors. With over 30 years of experience as a practical manager, investor and business leader, Ted has worked with both mature listed businesses and younger high growth companies across a multitude of sectors around the world.

Having started her professional life working at Goldman Sachs in NYC, Fiona went on to spend time in the alternative medical field of homeopathy and NLP but continued to do mezzanine financing during that time. Actively involved with human/wildlife conflict resolution projects for the last decade she combines practical experience with an understanding of the corporate world.

Hylton established Morgan Grenfell in Brazil in 1982 and was later Chief Executive of the investment bank Henry Ansbacher in New York.  In 1992, he founded Wingate Ventures, providing corporate finance services to businesses making a positive contribution to the environment.

Laura Ipacs, in charge of overseeing the financial aspects of Global Canopy, is a certified accountant with a combination of  work experience in corporate finance practice, multinational financial management and extensive lecturing and consultancy in the field of financial and business education. She brings an international and multi-dimensional perspective, having worked on four continents with people from diverse backgrounds, both in the corporate and not-for-profit sector and with fluency in several languages.

Lindsay Bury has for the last fifty years worked in the city, in industry and in the voluntary sector primarily in conservation. He was a founder of ACT, a well known early pioneer in the British computer industry whose activities spanned both software and hardware in the seventies and eighties.  He has also worked continuously in the city with Schroder’s, Singer and Friedlander and recently with Electric and General Investment Trust of which he was chairman.

William Wint trained as an entomologist and continued in the field for some 10 years doing research on forest canopy  insect ecology in both the UK and the tropics. He then spent fifteen years flying aerial surveys of livestock throughout Africa. Since the mid-1990s William has focussed on developing and using new techniques of geographical analysis and mapping of agriculture and the environment, animal and human disease risks, and climate change.