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Data for nature

Global Canopy is a data-driven think tank that targets the market forces destroying nature. We do this by providing innovative open-access data, clear metrics, and actionable insights to leading companies, financial institutions, governments and campaigning organisations worldwide.

Our vision is of transparent and accountable markets that contribute to a more sustainable and equitable global economy.

Our mission is to gather, curate and mobilise the necessary data to connect consumer markets to their destruction of vital ecosystems worldwide – pinpointing the best opportunities for positive action, and increasing accountability for all.

To achieve our goal of addressing market-driven destruction of tropical forests and other vital ecosystems, we ultimately need to see change on the ground among land grabbers and small and large-scale producers, converting land for agriculture and extraction. Success will require coordinated action by many different groups to put in place effective incentives and financing, as well as better governance and enforcement of laws.

Achieving this requires concerted pressure:

  • Pressure from the financial community itself, as it shifts capital away from companies that are failing to tackle this problem towards those that are doing the best.
  • Pressure from campaigning organisations to signal that major companies and financial institutions can no longer stay under the radar while failing to act on deforestation.
  • And pressure from forward-thinking governments through effective policies, incentives, and ultimately legislation to ensure the sustainability of commodity and financial markets.

This is where Global Canopy comes in.

Our approach is to mobilise the necessary data to enable leaders, hold laggards to account and help change the rules of the game on market impacts on nature.

We aim to support key users, particularly in the financial sector, with relevant, credible, and actionable information that we know has been missing, and has been cited as one of the biggest blockers to progress by the private sector. We do this by improving the transparency and accountability of global supply chains and the trillions of dollars in annual investment and lending that support them.

You can read the detail of our approach in our 2021-25 strategy and about our progress to date in our latest annual report. You can also read our diversity statement.

Our 2021-25 strategy is coming soon…

Read our latest annual report

Read our diversity statement

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