Supply Chain Transparency

Mapping the trade and financing of commodities linked to deforestation

The complexity and opacity of global supply chains and finance are major obstacles to action by companies and financial institutions. Our work on supply chain transparency, centred around Trase, is changing this.


Trase is a data-driven transparency initiative that is revolutionising our understanding of the trade and financing of commodities driving deforestation worldwide. Its unique supply chain mapping approach brings together disparate, publicly available data to connect consumer markets to deforestation and other impacts on the ground related to the production of commodities such as soy, palm oil, timber and beef.

Trase combines self-disclosed data from companies with customs, shipping, tax, logistics and other data to map in unprecedented detail the supply chains linking consumer countries, and traders, with places of production, as well as the patterns of ownership and investment in trading companies. This allows companies, financial institutions, governments and others to understand the risks and identify opportunities for more sustainable production.

Trase comprehensively maps supply chains of key commodities, such as Brazilian soy or Indonesian palm oil exports, providing a wall-to-wall map of the central stages of a supply chain. It already covers over half the global trade in forest-risk commodities and continues to expand coverage to new commodities and geographies where sustainability action is urgently needed.

Trase is widely recognized by market, government and civil society leaders as a unique and powerful source of information and intelligence. By bringing a new level of transparency and insight to the drivers of deforestation, Trase is catalysing targeted action across entire export markets.

Have queries about our work on Trase? Get in touch with Helen Bellfield, Policy Director and Trase Lead.

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Trase Finance

Trase Finance brings unprecedented transparency to the hundreds of billions of dollars that directly and indirectly finance tropical deforestation each year. Building on Trase’s unique supply chain mapping capabilities and jointly developed with the Stockholm Environment Institute and Neural Alpha, Trase Finance links the trade in commodities to investors and lenders worldwide. It enables financial institutions to improve the sustainability of their portfolios, and manage their deforestation risk. And it allows civil society and governments to monitor progress and better hold to account those failing to act.

Thirty disparate information sources form a unique data set including company ownership and legal structures, tax registrations, and a wide range of capital raising mechanisms.

Get in touch with Helen Bellfield, Policy Director and Trase Lead, if you have queries about Trase Finance.

You can explore the tool at


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