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Forest 500

Global Canopy’s Forest 500 identifies the 350 companies and 150 financial institutions with the greatest exposure to tropical deforestation risk, and annually assesses them on the strength and implementation of their deforestation and human rights commitments.

Read our 10th annual Forest 500 report, 2024: A decade of deforestation data, for the report’s key findings, case studies of those who are taking steps towards ending deforestation, and recommendations for companies and finance, governments and civil society.

Forest 500 data is used by organisations around the world to track their progress on deforestation, and is used by some of the best performers themselves as a mark of their leadership. The finance sector uses Forest 500 to screen new clients and guide existing client engagement.

Have queries about our work on Forest 500? Get in touch with Emma Thomson, Forest 500 Lead.

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Deforestation-Free Finance

Global Canopy’s Deforestation-Free Finance project is working with partners to develop a suite of practical guidance to support financial institutions to achieve deforestation-free financial portfolios.

The Finance & Deforestation Advisory Group brings together experts in deforestation, nature-loss and sustainable finance to provide expertise and guidance to financial institutions as they seek to address their deforestation risks. This group has worked together to create the Finance Sector Roadmap for Eliminating Commodity-Driven Deforestation.

Global Canopy, with partners Make My Money Matter and Systemiq, developed a new interactive guide for pension schemes called How to achieve deforestation-free pensions.

We have also developed a deforestation-free investment mandate for family offices and foundations, created in consultation with a wide range of family offices and foundations, asset managers and other key stakeholders.

The latest addition to the suite of guidance is a new how-to guide setting out a recommended approach for financial institutions to conduct due diligence, available in English, Portuguese, Chinese Mandarin and Indonesian Bahasa.

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Deforestation Action Tracker

At COP26 450+ financial institutions including insurers, asset owners, and financial services providers, made net-zero climate commitments as part of the Glasgow Financial Alliance on Net Zero (GFANZ).

Global Canopy’s Deforestation Action Tracker monitors financial institutions with significant climate commitments including those in Race to Zero, GFANZ, and the Finance Sector Deforestation Action (FSDA) group, to track their action on deforestation and associated human rights abuses.

As of 2023, the Deforestation Action Tracker now assesses over 700 financial institutions. Find out how they are performing in our essential stocktake on finance sector action on deforestation.

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Forest IQ

Forest IQ is a powerful new data platform for financial institutions. It brings together aligned, best-in-class, and actionable data on how more than 2,000 major companies are addressing their links to deforestation.

It provides open data and metrics, alongside a paid-for Financial Institution Tier that gives users access to licensed data, financial identifiers and a bespoke API.

Forest IQ was designed in close consultation with 10 financial institutions, including some of the world’s largest and most exposed banks and asset managers. It is aligned with the Accountability Framework initiative (AFi).

It was created by an alliance of leading not-for-profits with deep expertise in data-driven approaches to tackling deforestation.

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