Civil society

We partner with leading local and international NGOs and campaigning organisations to mobilise data and insights to hold laggards to account. Together, we increase pressure on those failing to address the social and environmental harm they are causing.

Our Supply Chain Transparency Programme strengthens accountability by improving assessments of risk exposure and sharpening the focus of campaigns and enforcement. In particular, Trase Finance provides transparency to the complex financial flows and ownership structures of 300,000 companies and financiers with the highest exposure to direct and indirect deforestation risk. It allows the creation of private watchlists to identify emerging risks, track financing flows, and benchmark businesses against their peers. Trase enables civil society to link traders and import markets – and retailers in those markets – to deforestation risk.

Our Corporate Performance Programme helps civil society organisations to apply greater pressure on the companies and financial institutions that are most influential in driving tropical deforestation. Forest 500 scores and ranks companies on their policies on forest-risk commodities – beef, leather, palm oil, paper, soy and timber – and the implementation of these policies.

Our data and insights are used by environmental and human rights non-profits such as Greenpeace, Global Witness and Mighty Earth, among many others.

We have partnered on reports and events with a number of NGOs. For example, in June 2020, Trase published a briefing on illegal deforestation on soy farms in Mato Grosso, Brazil, in collaboration with Imaflora and ICV, two Brazilian NGOs. The brief received media coverage in outlets such as The Economist and Folha de S. Paulo. We are also supporting partners in the Accountability Framework Coalition and are actively involved in the Reporting and Assessment working group and the development of the Common Methodology.

Global Canopy has been a partner on the New York Declaration on Forests (NYDF) progress assessment since it began in 2014, providing data to assess progress towards Goals 2 and 8, and we are active members of the non-profit groups: Tropical Forest Alliance and the UK NGO Forest Coalition.

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