Assessing nature-related issues in agricultural supply chains in line with the TNFD’s LEAP approach – webinar featuring Tesco, Reckitt, and Nature-based Insights.

Rewatch Global Canopy’s webinar to hear how Tesco, Reckitt, and Nature-based Insights, approached assessments of their nature-related issues within key agricultural supply chains.

  • When: 23 Jan 2024, 09:30-11:00 GMT
  • Where: Online
  • Online
  • Corporate commitments
  • Financial markets
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Multinational grocery retailer Tesco took part in a programme run by Global Canopy in 2023 to pilot the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) recommendations prior to the launch of the recommendations in September. With support from technical expert consultancy Nature-based Insights and Global Canopy, Tesco piloted the TNFD’s LEAP approach to identify and assess its nature-related issues. The pilot focused on mapping Tesco’s palm oil supply chain and identifying priority locations in Indonesia for further analysis.

Reckitt, a British multinational consumer goods company that produces health, hygiene and nutrition products, also worked alongside Nature-based Insights piloting the TNFD LEAP approach to assess nature-related risks and opportunities in its natural latex supply chain in Thailand, which supplies a large proportion of material for the Durex brand. Reckitt is also one of the 40 Taskforce members of the TNFD.

In this educational webinar, Tesco, Reckitt, Global Canopy and Nature-based Insights discussed:

  • Getting started with the TNFD recommendations
  • The business case for assessing nature-related issues in the agricultural sector
  • Technical details of how Tesco, Reckitt and Nature-based Insights assessed nature-related issues in line with the TNFD’s LEAP approach
  • Lessons learned and what they mean for Tesco and Reckitt going forward.

The webinar included a short Q&A session.


  • Thomas Hollick, Group Forests Manager – Sustainability, Tesco
  • Dr. Tom Blenkinsopp, Product Sustainability and Stewardship Lead, Reckitt
  • Dr. Gus Fordyce, Lead Scientist, Nature-based Insights
  • Moderated by Marianne Haahr, Nature-related Finance Director, Global Canopy

Global Canopy is a founding partner of the TNFD, and was an official piloting organisation for the TNFD prior to the launch of the TNFD final recommendations. It continues to provide technical expertise to the TNFD, and to build capacity among businesses and financial institutions, preparing them to get started with adopting the TNFD recommendations.

  • When: 23 Jan 2024, 09:30-11:00 GMT
  • Where: Online

Language: English

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