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Global Canopy welcomes new TNFD Taskforce Members and Forum

News / 30 Sep 2021

As one of the four founding partners of the TNFD, Global Canopy welcomes the announcement of the new Taskforce Members representing 14 countries across five continents

The Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) today appoints 30 senior executives from financial institutions, corporates and market service providers as Taskforce Members, as well as more than 100 institutions to the consultative TNFD Forum.

Looking ahead

Over the next two years, Global Canopy will continue to support the market-led TNFD, until the final TNFD framework is launched in 2023. As a founding partner, Global Canopy will be a member of the TNFD’s Stewardship Council, alongside the other founding partners – UNDP, UNEP FI and WWF – and representatives from major donors to TNFD, as well as select international organisations or networks, such as relevant financial regulators or standard-setters.

Learn more about TNFD’s 30 Taskforce Members and the 100 organisations that today join the TNFD Forum via the TNFD website.

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