Exploring nature-related risk in the palm oil sector

Publication / 18 Aug 2022

Three reports on nature-related risk assessment & disclosure in the palm oil sector published by CDP, Forest Peoples Programme & Hindsight Consultancy, and commissioned by Global Canopy, complement our first pilot test of the TNFD beta framework and provide independent recommendations for the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD).

Using CDP data for nature-related risk and opportunity assessments’ by CDP reviews how existing company disclosure on palm oil through CDP will help companies and financila institutions adhere to TNFD’s proposed approach for nature-related risk and opportunity assessments.

Identifying the Human Rights Impacts of Palm Oil: Guidance for Financial Institutions and Downstream Companies’ by Forest Peoples Programme maps current human rights impacts of palm oil development and provides guidance for how the TNFD framework, and financial institutions and companies, can uphold human rights.

Identifying nature-related financial risks and opportunities in palm oil supply chains’ by Hindsight Consultancy explores transition pathways for nature-related financial risks and opportunities by focusing on the palm oil sector as a case study.

The independent reports were commissioned by Global Canopy alongside a pilot test we conducted of the TNFD beta framework, completed in July 2022, with companies and financial institutions operating and financing palm oil supply chains.

The reports were funded by the UK Government.

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