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Global Canopy response to the EU consultation on deforestation and forest products

Publication / 10 Dec 2020

Global Canopy has submitted a response to the European Commission’s consultation on deforestation and forest degradation. The Commission has said it will introduce regulatory and other demand-side measures to ensure deforestation-free supply chains by 2021. Global Canopy has welcomed the consultation but believes that to be effective the Commission needs to adopt a broad approach to legislative measures.


We urge the European Commission to:

  • Take a broad approach to defining deforestation
    • Legislation should include other carbon-rich and biodiverse habitats including wetlands and savannahs
    • Legislation should include both legal and illegal deforestation, simplifying monitoring and reporting, and creating a level playing field for companies
  • Include a broad range of commodities to avoid spill-over impacts
  • Include all companies in relevant supply chains, regardless of company size or their position in the supply chain
  • Recognise the crucial role played by financial institutions and include appropriate due diligence requirements for finance.

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