Raising concerns or complaints

All of Global Canopy’s staff, partners, volunteers and subcontractors are expected to abide by our code of conduct. If there is a situation where Global Canopy’s activities do not meet the expected standard – whether covered by the code of conduct or otherwise – then we would ask that you raise this with us.

If you have a concern or want to make a complaint, then details on how to do this are provided below, including how you can expect us to respond.

How to raise a concern

If you have a concern about our activities please refer in the first instance to your nearest/usual contact at Global Canopy. All our staff and partners are expected to take concerns seriously.

If you have raised concerns which have not been dealt with, or if you feel the matter is serious enough to require more senior input then please contact a member of the Leadership Team.

Any concerns that relate to safeguarding, or other serious concerns, can be raised with the GC board and staff members responsible for safeguarding and whistleblowing.

How a concern will be dealt with

Where possible, concerns will be dealt with immediately in the situation where they arise. This will often be simplest, and most efficient.

If the concern is serious enough to need a more formal response, or if you request it, then we will manage the concern through our Concern Management Process (CMP). The CMP gives an element of rigour and formality which allows us to track and address more important concerns or complaints. Any concern with an element of safeguarding will be managed this way. The CMP is made up of the following steps:

1. Identification of a lead and timeframe

A lead for managing the concern will be identified. This may be a single person or a group. The appropriate timeframe for addressing the concern is agreed.

2. Investigation

The lead(s) will investigate as necessary and determine what is the appropriate action.

3. Action / Resolution

The lead(s) will be responsible for assigning all necessary actions to individuals within GC, and ensuring that these are appropriately followed up – either individually, or through GC’s other work-management processes.

4. Recording / Reporting / Communication

A record of all CMP activity is maintained and reported to our board at least annually. If the person raising the concern wishes it, then we will write to them summarising the concern and explaining actions already taken, or how we plan to resolve it.

Where relevant, for example if a crime or serious incident has been reported, then the matter will be reported as relevant to the police, Charity Commission, donors or other bodies. Complaints are confidential, and shared only with those necessary to follow the process.

Taking concerns further

If you feel that a concern has not been dealt with appropriately, please escalate further to the Leadership Team or the safeguarding lead on our board. We will review, and if necessary, restart the CMP afresh.

If you have exhausted these options, and the issue is still unresolved, you might consider other avenues. Including:

  • Contacting Protect – a charity supporting people raising concerns or whistleblowing.
  • The FCDO hotline for raising concerns. FCDO has been a major funder of GC’s work over many years.
  • Other external / regulatory bodies depending on the nature of the concern.
  • Our whistleblowing policy provides further information which may be of use in this situation.

Changes to our concerns or complaints process

We keep this process under review and will place any updates on our website. It was last reviewed in March 2024.

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