New Trase project with GIZ

Trase is excited to announce the start of a new 12-month project with GIZ on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) to better understand Germany’s overseas deforestation footprint and contribute to the development of deforestation-free supply chains in Germany.

The primary aim of this work is to provide public and private stakeholders in Germany with a detailed understanding – using state-of-the-art methods and covering as broad a portfolio of deforestation-risk commodities as possible – of the deforestation risk that Germany is exposed to via its imports and consumption activities. Data will be made available in the form of raw datasets, accessible methodology explainers, and interactive data visualisations to enhance the knowledge-base on Germany’s risk exposure and act as a starting point for the development of a potential monitoring and reporting framework for Germany’s economy.

Central to this project is also aligning with other stakeholder groups, in particular other national governments that have also committed to monitoring their exposure to deforestation in their imports, to improve coherence and common understanding across different datasets and methods that are being used, to facilitate comparability and coordinated actions.

GIZ and Trase welcome interested parties’ involvement. There will be opportunities to engage with the project as it develops and to help inform the development of the methods and reports such as the design of interactive data explorations that improve the accessibility of the data provided, ensuring it is presented in a digestible format for government, private sector and NGOs. Longer-term, this work is expected to integrate into Germany’s multi-stakeholder platform on imported deforestation and to support Germany’s engagement in multilateral dialogues including the Amsterdam Declarations Partnership (ADP) and at an EU level.

If you would like more information or to register your interest in being kept informed, please contact Emma Gollub.

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