Amazon forest fires

Burning season is here and the Amazon is on fire

What is causing the forest fires in the Amazon and why should we care about the burning season? In this series of pieces we explore the links between the fires and deforestation and look at how financial institutions, corporates and governments can transform their actions and stop the fires.

2020 was a 12-year high for deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon

Last year, Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE) announced that deforestation in the Amazon was at its highest level since 2008. The fires are continuing to burn this year.

The deforestation piece begins at 01:00.

Deforestation on the increase

Erika Berenguer from The University of Oxford looks at the increase in deforestation in Brazil since 2018, in a clip from the Bolsonaro and Brazil’s climate and Covid-19 crises webinar earlier this year.

A C Moraes / Flickr Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Out of the five biggest beef traders,


have made an explicit commitment to ensure land is not cleared by fire for the beef they produce.

Data from WRI shows that tree cover loss in Brazil is significantly

lower in Indigenous and Community Lands (ICL)

than outside them.

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Header clip: Amazonas state, 29 July 2021 © Greenpeace / Fernanda Ligabue
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