Assessing nature-related issues of key value chain clients in a Brazilian Asset Manager’s portfolio

Case study / 22 Jan 2024

JGP Asset Management case study on piloting the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures’ LEAP approach.

This case study is now also available in Portuguese and Spanish.

JGP Asset Management took part in Global Canopy’s Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) piloting programme prior to the launch of the TNFD Final Recommendations in September 2023.

The TNFD has developed a set of recommendations and guidance for organisations to identify, assess, manage, and – where appropriate – disclose, their evolving nature-related dependencies, impacts, risks and opportunities. Its recommendations and guidance help organisations to integrate nature into decision-making, and ultimately support a shift in global financial flows away from nature-negative outcomes, toward nature-positive outcomes.

Supported by Frontierra and Global Canopy, JGP Asset Management piloted the TNFD’s LEAP approach to identifying and assessing its nature-related issues.

The pilot focused on applying the LEAP approach to assess JGP Asset Management’s exposure to tropical deforestation through companies connected to the agriculture sector in its investment portfolio.

After completing the pilot with Global Canopy and Frontierra, JGP Asset Management has gone on to become an Early Adopter of the TNFD.

ENCORE is among the tools that JGP Asset Management used to identify key environmental assets and ecosystem services impacted by the companies operating in priority locations in its portfolios. Find out more about ENCORE and how it can support organisations undertaking the TNFD LEAP approach.

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Read the JGP Asset Management case study, ‘Assessing nature-related issues of key value chain clients in a Brazilian Asset Manager’s portfolio’.

You can also watch a video filmed during Climate Week NYC 2023 where JGP Asset Management shares its experience piloting the TNFD’s recommendations – specifically how to assess deforestation in investments using the TNFD LEAP approach.

Global Canopy is a founding partner of the TNFD, and was an official piloting organisation for the TNFD prior to the launch of the TNFD final recommendations in September 2023. We continue to provide technical expertise to the TNFD, and to build capacity among businesses and financial institutions, preparing them to get started with adopting the TNFD recommendations.

This case study was generously funded by NORAD.

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