Dependencies on Nature

Helping to prioritise nature-positive investments

More than half of global GDP is moderately or highly dependent on nature, according to the World Economic Forum. This leaves the finance sector heavily exposed to nature-related risks. We work to enable investors, lenders, insurers, financial regulators and others in the sector to identify and mitigate their impacts and dependencies on nature – and to seize the opportunity of investing in nature-positive solutions.


At the heart of our work on market impacts and dependencies are the Natural Capital Finance Alliance and the ENCORE tool. ENCORE is a unique data initiative developed by Global Canopy in partnership with UNEP Finance Initiative and UNEP’s World Conservation Monitoring Centre. It maps the impacts and dependencies of different economic sectors on nature enabling financial institutions to identify and assess the nature-based risks to the businesses in their portfolios. ENCORE takes a global approach to a wide and growing range of nature impacts and dependencies, including deforestation and biodiversity-loss.

ENCORE is used by investors, lenders, regulators and central banks worldwide. It has recently been used for major studies on systemic risks by the Dutch National Bank, Swiss Re and the World Economic Forum.

Have queries about our work on markets impacts and dependencies? Get in touch with Nicky Chambers, Programme and Impact Director.

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