Mandarin version of the Little Book of Investing in Nature released during COP15

News / 12 Dec 2022

A Mandarin version of the award-winning Little Book of Investing in Nature has been released during the Convention of Biological Diversity COP15, hosted by China and taking place in Montreal.

Translated by the Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN), the Little Book provides an essential overview of biodiversity finance at a time when governments and international negotiators are urgently seeking pragmatic solutions for the twin crises of climate change and the loss of nature.

The Little Book of Investing in Nature, a free-to-read e-book was authored by a consortium of nature and nature-finance specialists led by Professor John Tobin-de la Puente, Professor of Practice of Corporate Sustainability at Cornell University and Global Canopy Founder and Vice-Chair of the TNFD Stewardship Council, Andrew Mitchell.

Recognition that more than half of global GDP depends on nature has fuelled greater ambition to protect our forests, oceans, grasslands and wetlands. New targets for biodiversity protection are expected to be agreed at COP15.

The Little Book provides a simple guide for governments and policy makers involved in setting those targets on how biodiversity protection can be financed. It brings together information on a range of innovative financial products and services developed by both the public and the private sectors seeking to shift investment away from activities that damage nature (nature-negative) towards more nature-positive activities.

The Little Book of Investing in Nature, which won the FT’s How we Teach This Recognition Award for Excellence in Sustainable Finance Education for Teaching Materials Most Informed by Recent Developments in 2021, is also available in English, French, Indonesian and Spanish.

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